Nadir Garofalo was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1986.

He studied Conducting with Ennio Nicotra, Daniele Belardinelli, Luciano Acocella. He then continued his studies with Donato Renzetti and Riccardo Frizza.

In 2014 he graduated from the Conservatory of Taranto in Piano.

In September 2015 he was commissioned two original works from Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina (Tempus, Spatium – Bagatelle for Strings - op. 7) which were subsequently premiered in Florence.

He was invited to open the new season of "Tarentum” theatre in Taranto, on October 2016. For the occasion, he composed Communio, for string quintet, piano and voices.

In 2017 he wrote Sakura-no Mai (The dance of cherry blooms), for the commission of guitarist Renata Arlotti. The piece was premiered at the 2nd edition of Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival. During the tour in Japan in 2019, it was the first movement of The Japan suite performed in its entirety.

In March 2018 he graduated in Conducting at the Matera Conservatory of Music, under the guidance of Professor Daniele Belardinelli. Here he attended the choral composition course held by Vito Liturri and the composition analysis course held by Michele Maiellari, besides attending further seminars with Nicola Samale (orchestration, analysis) and Aldo Ceccato (conducting symphonic and opera repertoires).

On the 14th of January 2019, he was the first conductor to debut in the renewed municipal theatre in Taranto. For the 75th concert season of Amici della Musica "A. Speranza", he performed Il Risveglio del Fauno, premiering his string quartet Confidenze di una Musa - op. 2 and the Interlude dans le soir – d'après l'après-midi d'un faune - op. 14. In July he worked as assistant of Luciano Acocella at the 31st edition of Rossini in Wildbad festival, for the revival of Meyerbeer's Romilda e Costanza. On the 17th of September he conducted Rossini’s Il Signor Bruschino, in a production sponsored by the Bologna Conservatory of Music.

In 2020 he released Dear Mario for solo guitar, revised by internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Antonio Rugolo. The piece was written in 2018 for the 50th anniversary of the death of the Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

Nadir conducted various professional orchestras, such as the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, Orchestra di Toscana Classica, Orchestra Filarmonica del Veneto, Orchestra da Camera Metamorfosi, Orchestra del Teatro Massimo di Palermo, Orchestra del Conservatorio “Duni” di Matera, OSN Mascalucia Etna Phil., Orchestra Senzaspine, Orchestra Cupiditas.

From 2015 to 2020 he was the Artistic Director of the Orchestra Taras Musical Association, for which he managed the public relations to the public and private authorities, the artists’ contracts and the legal fulfillments related to the performances. In the first two years he handled over 40 concerts, with the involvement of some of the most talented local young artists, ranging from a polished and even little known classical repertoire to contemporary composers, jazz, blues and rock music. He was the creator and co-founder of the Association's Orchestra and he launched a project to raise the public awareness and to renew the cultural sharing: “La Musica spiegata” (The explained Music), after its 2nd edition, collected the enthusiasm and participation of a growing audience.

He published a novel (Nel lampo di un incanto, Il Filo editore, Roma, 2007) and he wrote some essays: Diritto e Musica. Paradigmi ermeneutici (Law and Music. Hermeneutic paradigms),, Catania, 2012; Intentio auctoris: profili giuridici e musicali di un enigma (Intentio auctoris: juridical and musical profiles of an enigma), Annals of the University of Bari jonic department, Bari, 2014; L'interpretazione musicale. Elementi etici ed estetici (The Music Interpretation. Ethical and aesthetic elements), 2014; Interlude dans le soir. Una ricognizione del fauno debussyano (Interlude dans le soir. A recognition of Debussy's faun), 2018. The latter has been merged into the introduction to the score Interlude dans le soir – d'après l'après-midi d'un faune, released by Da Vinci Publishing in December 2018; Sulla necessità interpretativa: elementi del circolo ermeneutico musicale in Orfeo tra Biocapitalismo e proprietà intellettuale. Etica ed estetica dell’interpretazione vocale (About the interpretation necessity: elements of the music hermeneutic circle in Orfeo between the Biocapitalism and the intellectual property. Ethics and aesthetics of the vocal performance), edited by Lisa La Pietra, Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, 2019. The latter was the subject of a conference at Salone del libro 2019 in Turin where he was invited as lecturer.

In 2020 he attended a master course in Music management held by Valentina Lo Surdo. Currently, Nadir is Teacher of piano, music theory and junior orchestra at Orchestra Senzaspine School in Bologna, Italy.

In addition to the musical and teaching activity, he studies Entertainment Law. This also thanks to his Master's degree in Law, earned in 2012 at the University of Bari, with honors and reporting of the Commission.